The variation in shape and form of the conifer seedlings are great and depends on the plant species and production system used in the nursery. Norsk Wax cooperates with engeneering companies in developing new and efficient equipment to cover all requirements from the modern nursery businesses.

Melted wax can be applied at relatively low temperatures without the risk of damaging the seedling and its sensitive root system. Another great advantage of the wax method is that the wax is applied one time in the nursery, the process  is quick and  requires short  setting time.

The degree of mechanization in the forest nurseries varies. Norsk Wax works closely with engineering companies to produce efficient equipment for the application of wax. As a result, we are able to offer a simple kit, including everything needed to treat seedlings with wax in one unit, The Fountain.
All you need to do is to fill this unit with KVAAE wax and connect it to a power supply (4 kW/400 V). With this unit and the special white wax from KVAAE supplied by Norsk Wax, you will soon be ready to produce environmentally friendly seedlings protected against pine weevil attack. We are currently developing partly automated wax-application equipment for larger nurseries.

As part of the KVAAE concept, various types of application equipment suitable for different nurseries have been developed. Together with our partners we can offer standardized equipment for both container plants and bare-root plants, and also specially designed production lines for wax application. The first prototype of the application equipment is still in operation at Bergvig Skog in Sweden, where a production line has applied wax to more than 35 million container plants since 1997.



It is particularly in southern and central Sweden, and during the first two years after planting, thatforest tree seedlings require effective protection against pine weevils. Good forestry practice is on its own
not enough to reduce the damage of the pine weevil. What is needed is a combination of various preventive and protective measures. E.g. a combination of soil scarification and a protective coating
on plants.



ASA Results (PDF)


It has been scientifically proven that our KVAAE (BUGSTOP)  is a good coating wich protects seedlings against pine weevil attack. Since 1993 researchers at SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) have been investigating how different growth conditions and plant protection measures affect the ability of forestry seedlings to resist the pine weevil attack. See the link for the results from a trial field in southern Sweden without soil scarification and where pressure from pine weevil was intense. This trails showed that the new white wax (KVAAE/BUGSTOP from Norskax), which was adopted for use in 2010, gave the best protection.