What is Kvaae?

What is Kvaae?


Reforestation is of benefit for future generations. Environmentally friendly protection can replace harmful insecticides. Invest in a future without the use of chemicals in the forest – protect your forestry seedlings with KVAAE.

In the man-made landscape, nature’s own products have always been used to protect plants. Widely available materials such as beeswax, tallow, animal fat, charcoal and resin have long been used when treating wounds on trees and grafting plants. The use of KVAAE involves the application of a protective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly waxy coating onto seedlings in nurseries, where itis visible as a white coating at the base of the plant.

Plants adapt to the environment where they grow. To protect themselves against wind and rain, as well as threats from fungi and pests all aerial parts of the plants have a waxy covering.

This wax contains molecules similar to those used in the KVAAE wax. The ingredients used in KVAAE are primarily based on refined non-synthetic substances, allowing us to produce a product not-harmful to the environment.The idea behind KVAAE is fascinatingly simple; it works in a completely environmentally friendly and different manner than insecticides.

Until now, insecticides have been applied to forestry seedlings when they were planted. If a pine weevil attacked a seedling that had been treated in this manner the weevil would die from ingesting the poison. However, if a pine weevil approaches a seedling treated with KVAAE the coating prevents it from eating the stem tissues. Weevils do not like getting the coating on their mouthparts and will instead eat other vegetation in the area. Thus the new seedlingis protected without killing the insect.

In this way we can help to rejuvenate the forest after logging without destroying the natural ecosystem.