Why Kvaae?

Why Kvaae?


At Norsk Wax, we have been working for many years on an environmentally friendly protection against pine weevil damage. KVAAE is a result from the BUGSTOP development project and  is based on a wax. As a result of over 20 years of development and practical forestry experience, KVAAE’s wax formulation has been tailored to the function of protecting without damaging the forest tree seedlings.

The wax used has been developed step-by-step since 1992. The task of producing a wax that can coat the thin stem of a seedling for two seasons or more in the field by following the plant’s growth has been formidable. We have learned that an incorrect choice of ingredients can have fatal consequences for the plant. For example, in warm weather wax molecules can melt, be absorbed into the plant and damage it. The ingredients of KVAAE have therefore been carefully chosen to avoid damaging the plant. Over a period of many years the wax used in KVAAE has been tested and included in studies of plants’ physiology and growth characteristics. Adding a white pigment to the wax was a breakthrough in the development process. This pigment protects both the wax and the seedling against the sun’s rays. The bright surface appearance of the seedling resulting from application of the white wax also acts as a deterrent to the pine weevil. As a result there are fewer weevil attacks and fewer weevils present on the plants. In previous trials there had been problems with the wax cracking as the plants grew and their stem diameter increased. In 2010 new environmentally friendly additives were introduced to the wax that made it more elastic and gave it the correct physical characteristics to be able to keep up with the plant’s growth in a Nordic forestry climate.

An environmentally friendly forester chooses new, well-documented methods when planting his forest. Now you can ask for seedlings that have been protected against the pine weevil with a product which is non-harmful to the environment supplied by Norsk Wax AS. Everything in KVAAE has been designed for the task of protecting the plant while remaining harmless to nature.